"Soccer is passion, discipline and dedication".

Our Philosophy

The Mission of Oakville Jaguars Soccer School is to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to learn how to play soccer, to introduce and improve basic soccer techniques to kids at an early age and to continue the growth of their soccer skills until they've achieved a higher competitive level.

Oakville Jaguars Soccer School will become a highly competitive school in the region. 
Team players and coaches will reflect their integrity, honesty and respect for the game and for others in each training session and game.
To grow as a soccer team, to have a game identity and to see each player's progress.  Our purpose is to function as a team while achieving the best results.
1. Ball control with every side of the foot.
2. Ball control with chest, head and legs.
3. Learn how to pass the ball efficiently.
4. Play with the head up while having a good peripheral view of the field.
5. Learn how to dodge and dribble the ball.
6. Know the different soccer positions on the field.