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jaguars SUMMER
CAMP 2023

U8 (2015) to U14 (2009)
Recreational and Competitive Players

Oakville Jaguars is happy to announce that we will offer two weeks of summer camp for the 2023 summer season!  

All skill levels are welcome.

The players will be divided by skill level and grouped with a team where they would be able develop their skills to their maximum.

This summer camp will allow the players to practice basic and advanced drills, learn positioning, game strategy and much more...

1. Technical, tactical and physical training
2. Individual skills training
3. 1v1, 2v2, 2v1
4. Group training
5. Fun activities
6. End of week tournament
7. ...and more!


For U8 (2015) players and older

Details TBC


For U8 (2015) players and older

Details TBC

Don't miss out! Register now for the Jaguars Summer Camp

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