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Academy Policies

  1. Oakville Jaguars Soccer Academy will not tolerate bad conducts like bullying, discrimination, harassment, bad sportsmanship from any member of the Academy (players, coaches, parents, spectators).

  2. RESPECT is a key component of the Academy and any rude behaviour will be investigated and corrected asap.  A zero tolerance policy will be applied and the perpetrator can be disciplined up to terminating the player registration and a lifetime suspension/participation from our academy soccer activities. 

  3. We ask parents to help us maintain a healthy and positive environment at all times and to let us know if your child has been treated incorrectly.



  • Be respectful with your coaches and teammates

  • Wear your uniform correctly

  • Bring your best attitude to each practice/game



  • No smoking

  • No alcohol

  • No swearing

  • Be respectful (zero tolerance policy) 

  • Cheer your kids on in a positive way (negative cheering will not be tolerated).

  • Do not coach your kids

  • Follow all safety/control recommendations advised by the Academy


  1. An administrative fee of $25 will apply to all refunds. 

  2. The full or pro-rated refund will be provided if a player withdraws a program because of medical reasons OR moving to a different town/city.  Proof is required.

  3. The full or pro-rated refund will be provided if the soccer programs are cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions (prohibition of sports, lockdown, etc).  Parents can also choose to keep the refund amount as a credit for future registrations.

  4. If a class gets canceled because of covid-19 exposure and isolation is required, we won't be able to reschedule this class and it will be considered as complete.


  1. Oakville Jaguars will cancel a class when heavy rain/storm is present. 

  2. Oakville Jaguars will cancel a class when thunder/lightning is present.

  3. We will reschedule the canceled lessons (max. 2 lessons per season) if any of the above occurs.  

  • The classes will be conducted when light rain is present

  • Heat warnings: please bring extra water, ask the kids to wear a hat and use sunscreen. The classes will be conducted and extra water breaks will be provided.


·       A prorated credit/refund for a planned vacation (advised with advance and with exact dates) will be provided when:

*Four weeks of missed programs qualifies for two weeks of prorated credit/refund. 

*Three weeks of missed programs qualifies for one week of prorated credit/refund.

Two weeks of missed lessons DOES NOT qualify for a credit/refund.

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