1. Oakville Jaguars Soccer Academy will not tolerate bad conducts like bullying, discrimination, harassment, bad sportsmanship from any member of the Academy (players, coaches, parents, spectators).

  2. RESPECT is a key component of the Academy and any rude behaviour will be investigated and corrected asap.  A zero tolerance policy will be applied and the perpetrator can be disciplined up to terminating the player registration and a lifetime suspension/participation from the academy soccer activities. 

  3. We ask parents to help us maintain a healthy and positive environment at all times and to let us know if your child has been treated incorrectly.



  • Be respectful with your coaches and teammates

  • Wear your uniform correctly

  • Bring your best attitude to each practice/game



  • No smoking

  • No alcohol

  • No swearing

  • Be respectful (zero tolerance policy) 

  • Cheer your kids on in a positive way (negative cheering will not be tolerated).

  • Do not coach your kids

  • Follow all safety/control recommendations advised by the Academy


  1. Oakville Jaguars Soccer Academy Inc. will follow provincial and local guidelines in order to ensure the safety of all participants (players, coaches, parents).

  2.  The soccer practices will be modified as needed in order to follow all provincial/local health guidelines  and the Ontario Soccer Association recommendations.

  3. Coaches will wear facemasks at all times.

  4. A health screening will be conducted every day (temperature check and hand sanitization)

  5. Sanitizing stations will be set up at entrance and exit point

  6. Please follow the advise of the Ontario School Screening tool and only attend practice if your child passed the screening test: "Go to School" result.

  7. Please wear a mask when dropping off and picking up your child

  8. Players should bring clearly marked water bottles (do not share)

  9. Please remind your child to avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth

  10. Players should arrive ready for training (no changerooms available)

  11. Do not congregate at entry and exit point

  12. Please contact me if your child or a household member:

·        have symptoms of COVID-19, or

·        receives a positive test for COVID-19, or

·        were exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.