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Registration for the Outdoor 2024 seasonis NOW OPEN

Oakville Jaguars U8 skills training

We give young players the opportunity to learn soccer and grow their individual skills, movement, strategy, and overall enjoyment of the game. We are looking to build strong players who want to compete at a higher level. Join us!

Our academy encourages young players to work as team members and to have a positive, yet competitive mindset. All this will help develop their game - and be foundational to their growth into young adults.

Oakville Jaguars team celebrating a win

Our Programs


Oakville Jaguars is happy to announce that we will offer two weeks of summer camp for the 2024 summer season!  

Dates and location tba

Limited space available!


Have fun, meet new friends and learn about game positioning and more. 
15 minute warm-ups, individual basic skills, and 40 minute games.

All skills levels are welcome!

skills program

Our soccer skills program offers basic and advanced drills to players of all skills levels. Our certified coaches help the kids to improve their technical skills and to gain confidence inside the field. A disciplined and fun environment where the kids will explode their maximum potential.

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The Oakville Jaguars Team

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